How to Select the Best Countertop Purifier?

Today, you can get an assortment of water purifiers in the market that serve different and specific needs of customers. However, in terms of affordability and efficiency, countertop water purifiers are inevitably the best. The water purifier doesn’t need extra efforts for installation. Instead, you just by spending a small amount of money to install the water purifier and get pure and clean water. The various levels of purification remove different types of impurities within. Pure water gets collected in a storage container, which can be utilized easily.

In addition to the electric purifiers, a number of companies also offer non-electric purifiers in different price ranges. However, the challenge is to choose the topmost and right countertop purifier. Here is a guide, which can help you choose the best countertop water purifier:

Efficiency and Affordability

Affordability doesn’t mean the least priced countertop water purifiers. Rather, it means that not only should the price fall under the budget you have set, but also service charges should not cost high in the coming years. If you have purchased a non-electric water purifier, which is affordable upfront, but has a high maintenance cost, it would not be worthy to purchase it. So, you have to check its efficiency too. A good countertop purifier is not only efficient but also affordable as you will not have to worry about its smooth working and servicing. Along with maintaining the right quantity of essential minerals in the water you drink, water purifiers must also have the efficiency to remove chemicals that can harm the body from water.

Type of Filter: Attached or Freestanding

Countertop purifiers are of several kinds. You should first thoroughly consider your needs and consequently choose a purifier that is best suited for all your requirements. Furthermore, you can decide whether to buy a freestanding filter or attached one. Gravity water filter don’t need to be attached. However, these require extra time to purify water, yet they have enhanced capacity to remove all the harmful contaminants from water. On the other hand, conventional purifiers need to be attached first for it to function.

Technology Used

This is the most important aspect you need to consider before buying a countertop water purifier. Numerous companies are offering non-electric purifiers, so it is important to know the technology being used in these. The right advanced purification technology can remove most of the harmful chemicals such as bromine and chlorine. The taste of water, smell, and vision can indirectly tell you the purity level of water as well as the technology used.


When selecting a non-electric water purifier it is important to check its durability. Check the quality of material with which it has been manufactured. If it vouches for unbreakable material, you can go for it. You need to check the durability of other water filter parts as well.  

Consider all these aspects and make sure that you opt for the right countertop water purifier model that can give you continuous supply of 100% germ-free purified water.